Mother Nature Approved: Add A Spiral Staircase To Any Tree Without Tools Or Harming The Tree

June 29, 2015


CanopyStair is the brainchild of designers Thor ter Kulve and Rob McIntyre and consists of modular stairs that can be attached to a tree without any tools or damage to the tree. It even has a handrail so you don't fall off and break your arm. A 7-meter (~23-foot) staircase will take two people about 3 hours to assemble, and about 30 minutes to disassemble when you and and all your hipster friends are done hanging out in a tree all day. Anybody else remember in Monkey Island 2 when you had to alternate putting an oar and plank in the holes of that big tree to make stairs and be able to climb up it and get the map piece? That's what this reminds me of. For those of you who didn't understand the reference, we can never be friends. Drinking buddies, maybe, but you'll have to buy me way more drinks than I buy you to keep me around.

Keep going for a bunch more shots. Then let's go play hooky in a tree.






Thanks to Cadam, who doesn't need tree stairs because he has a grappling hook. Wait -- are you a ninja?! Can I have a throwing star?

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