Mesmerizing Hair Dryer Powered Kinetic Art Installations

June 23, 2015

hair-dryer-kinetic art.gif

This is a video highlighting the kinetic sculptures created by French magician and juggler Antoine Terrieux. All the sculptures are powered by hair dryers and include a paper airplane flying around in circles (although I assume it's tethered), a water vapor tornado, making a record spin, hovering a ball, making a string dance, and making a hair dryer boat. It's definitely a step up from yesterday's bladeless fan and balloon kinetic sculpture. These kinetic sculptures make that kinetic sculpture look like some kind of cheesy store display to help sell bladeless fans. "That's what it is." I WANTED IT TO BE ART.

Keep going for the video, then let me sit in the bath and you throw a bunch of hair dryers and toasters in and we'll see what kind of art we can make. Sander Cohen will love it I'm sure.

Thanks to Scott the juggler, who is more than welcome to join my annual stunt spectacular provided his act involves ninja swords and a motorcycle.

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