Man Spends $50,000 Building Elder Scrolls Basement

June 10, 2015


This is a video tour of the 1,500-square foot basement that comic book artist Tyler Kirkham transformed with an Elder Scrolls theme over the course of two years with the help of his father, who's a building contractor. I would definitely live down there. I would definitely live down there, and commit the rest of my short life to playing Elder Scrolls online and yelling upstairs for somebody to bring down more snacks and sodas. *burps, throws up on shirt, removes shirt, keeps playing*

Keep going for a video tour, including the $20,000 home theater system and $15,000 mineshaft bathroom.

Thanks to my old pal C-Nasty, who used to come over in college and use my home phone to call all the girls he knew while I played video games.

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