Make It A Reality: The Spaceballs Eagle 5 LEGO Set

June 25, 2015


These are some renderings of the Spaceballs Eagle 5 LEGO set proposed by LEGO Ideas member NvdK. Why he didn't actually build a real one is beyond me. Will the set ever reach production? I doubt it. If it does though it should come with the necessary pieces to convert the ship into Walter White's meth lab RV from Breaking Bad. Are you getting this, LEGO? That's how you kill two birds with one stone. Just kidding, I have no clue how to kill two birds with one stone although I did throw a rock at a tree once and it bounced off and split my shin wide open.

Keep going for a couple more angles, none of which contain any minifigs. COME ON.




Thanks to SneJ, who once tried to use the Shwartz to pick a winning lotto ticket but failed.

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