Little Kid Sets Roller Skating Limbo Record Skating Under 6-Inch Poles For 60 Meters

June 29, 2015


This is a video of Little Rithika traveling 60 meters while passing under 6-inch limbo bars to set some sort of new roller skating limbo record (previously: this kid rollerskating under 39 cars). Not to brag or anything, but I still have a swimming record I set when I was 12-years old back at my old swim team's pool in Alabama. It's true, nobody's been able to beat after all these years. Man, it's weird to think I was ever actually good at something.

Keep going for the video. Then don't forget to stretch. I had a friend who forgot to stretch before doing the splits and tore his ballsack open.

Thanks to HW, who was never good at roller skating limbo but can kill it at couple's skate with or without a partner.

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