Kid Allegedly Smacks Smartphone With Hammer To Prove How Tough His Case Is, It is Not Very Tough

June 23, 2015


This is a presumably fake video of some kid smacking his smartphone with a hammer to prove how strong the case is. The problem is the phone conveniently drifts out of frame when he picks up the hammer, which I assume is when its replaced with an already broken phone (the top cover of the phone seems to have shifted from left to right). First of all, stop lying to us. Secondly, that is absolutely not how you hold a hammer and you should be ashamed of yourself. Thirdly, I remember a time when if you saw a video on the internet you could be fairly certain it was real. Nowadays we're getting hoodwinked by malnourished ten-year olds in Russia with Spider Man curtains. It's not okay, this is not the direction we should be headed in.

Keep going for the video and wish those sad eyes at the end were real.

Thanks to Jeffrey S, who don't use a phone case because he says it bulks up his pockets too much and his penis already looks big enough in his pants. You keep telling yourself that.

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