Kickstarter Campaign For A Tank/Quadrocopter Hybrid

June 12, 2015


The B-Unstoppable is an unfortunately named quadrocopter/tank hybrid currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. The tankocopter can fly for about nine minutes, drive for 12 - 18 (or any combination of the two), includes a 1280 x 1020 video camera, and costs $130. Obviously, for $130, don't expect too much. This is not like, pro quality. This is more like kid's Christmas gift quality. Unless you've been naughty this year like I've been, then you can expect coal again like last Christmas. At least I thought it was coal, but only because the turds had dried out overnight. No wonder the snowman I built didn't come alive on Christmas day, I wouldn't either if somebody gave me shit for eyeballs.

Keep going for several videos, including one of the tankocopter cruising over a rolled up towel NO PROBLEMS.

Thanks to Jessie E, who is currently on Santa's nice list but the year isn't even half over yet so there's still plenty of time to screw up.

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