I'm Your Crash Test Dummy: Lexus Making A Hoverboard

June 24, 2015


This is a teaser video for Lexus's liquid-nitrogen cooled semiconductor and magnet powered hoverboard. Lexus insists it really does hover with a rider and promises more test footage soon. It only works on certain metallic surfaces though (the surface in the video was just made to look like concrete). It sounds pretty similar to the Hendo hoverboard that's coming out. Personally, I want a hoverboard that works on all surfaces, including the bones of my fallen enemies. Ninja sword hoverboard fight? You bet your sweet ass! The future is gonna be so awesome provided I don't die next year like my psychic predicted.

Keep going for the video, then realize if they're lying and it doesn't actually work then how are we supposed to believe any of the safety features in their cars work either?

Thanks to my pal Terry, who I have every intention of making my first ninja sword hoverboard battle victim.

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