Heads Will Roll: HTC Introduces Limited Edition 24k Gold Phone With Photo Taken By iPhone

June 8, 2015



Because some people don't care about their jobs, HTC unveiled a limited edition 24k gold HTC One M9 on Twitter yesterday with a shot of the device clearly taken with an iPhone (reflection lower right, closeup after the jump). Obviously, somebody is getting fired. How did they not think to look in the reflection? Looking into reflections searching for clues is like, one of the internet's biggest hobbies. Oh shit, there's a picture of something shiny! Let me zoom in to see if I can spot a penis.

Keep going for a closeup of the forehead of a guy who's cleaning out his desk even as I type this.



Thanks to my buddy DaveR, who always breaks up by asking his current girlfriend to take his new Tinder profile pic.

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