Guy Wraps New VW Van In Rust Wrap To Prevent Theft

June 30, 2015


This is the new Volkswagen California campervan that somebody vinyl wrapped to look like a rusty piece of shit. It reminds me of an old Chevy Astro. Would you steal it? Of course you wouldn't, you're not a car thief. I mean, you're not a car thief, are you? Because if you were a car thief and you hypothetically stole my neighbor's Corvette and drove it into a creek and set it on fire there could be some money it it for you. I mean, strictly hypothetically of course (just give me your Paypal email and let's get this ball rolling).

Hit the jump to see the finished product.


  • Mathias

    Phil Hartman knew all about this approach -

  • Why would you be the 1/7,000,000,000 chance of vehicle theft? He wrapped his car to prevent it from being stolen? Sounds like stupid and sounds wasteful.

  • Adibobea9

    My garbage Saturn was broken into and nothing was stolen. Having a beat up van won't prevent theft, but it will get you hits on the internet and encourage robbery…

  • Heiko Jasper

    i don´t think that it is to prevent theft... it´s a tuning look - in germany we call it rat style...

  • Jenness

    This guy got an idea while piss drunk and unfortunately didn't leave it there - and took it to the real world. Or it was a bet and he couldn't wuss out.

  • Major Lee Gassole

    A better version of this would be Mighty Car Mods' Budget Street Cred episode:

  • bobjr94

    I think someone would say, wow an old crappy van, this will be easy to steal....Shouldn't his van have some type of factory alarm system with starter disable, ignition tampering sensor or maybe a transponder key ? Or someone may wonder why the rust is so smooth, why the van bodystyle looks so new or why inside the van looks so nice.

  • i love it it want it for my van now too

  • Dennis

    That's freakin' awesome

  • tim

    Why blur out the plate in the 2nd photo, when it's clearly visible in the first?

  • Luka Mlinar

    He overdid it. It actually looks cool now.

  • Roark

    He just needed to Paint "Rape Van" on the Side like Karl did on his Van in the Show Workaholics - Done and Done

  • G-man
  • MustacheHam

    He forgot to add a decal that says "free candy inside".

    Sorry, I know that's immature. I couldn't help it. <:D

  • J Doe

    Most cars are stolen to chop them and sell the parts. His brand new van is actually at a lower risk of being stolen than a shitty beat up car. The most popular car models stolen are 90s sedans and trucks, then minivans and SUVs to a lesser degree. Interesting idea but is it effective? Not really.

  • VeeTeeF

    A Thief could just look in the windows and see a pristine van inside...

  • dawawe

    Or he could look at the windows and realize windows dont rust. or the rims are too clean. or that the rust looks fake. I highly doubt he did it to avoid theft

  • Dan Gaijinra Steinberg

    Actually on the old VWs (and other vans) those were panels, not windows. If you look it up, they really did rust there, and it looked a LOT like that. I don't disagree, on closer inspection it would all look fake, but those aren't meant to be rusted glass.

  • Jeremy Tilton

    This is sorta self-defeating.

  • afterooster

    I would guess that it's a work vehicle, something to haul things around in for a business. If that is the case it would make more sense to do this.

  • Wyldstaar

    The interior of the vehicle is just as nice as it ever was. Plus, we have no way of knowing what he intends to use the van for. Maybe he's in a band, and it's constantly full of expensive instruments and sound equipment. Nobody would expect someone who drives what appears to be a ratty old van to have a cargo of high dollar merchandise that any thief would love to get hold of.

  • Michael Dunbar

    Truth is the owner leaves the back doors open when he is out mountain biking in the Scottish Highlands and leaves marker pens inside for anyone to graffiti the inside as it is white plyboard. The result is a pure 'art' car with a great sense of humour. PS - not everyone is complimentary! Also, the vinyl is easily removed so if he wanted to sell the paint underneath is protected and will look showroom new. (I know because I created the artwork)

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