Grand Theft Auto Tractor Trailer Stunt Jump

June 22, 2015


This is a video from Youtuber BlackSmoke Billy (in case you couldn't tell by the giant watermark) of a tractor trailer stunt he performed in Grand Theft Auto 5. He detaches the trailer mid-jump then does some kind of flippy barrel roll before landing and the trailer reattaching. Impressive, Billy, now let's see you try that in real life. Have I ever told you I've driven a tractor trailer before? It was the most terrifying experience of my life and I regret ever stealing that truck and leading those cops on a chase.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to my pal Terry, who is trying to try to turn his life around. TRYING TO TRY.

  • Frag Monger

    Pfft. Whatever. Want to impress me? Do it in real life!

  • tim

    That's how the physics engine is flawed. If the cab and trailer are launched at the same velocity and angular momentum, unhooking the trailer shouldn't spontaneously cause the cab to start rotation. These imperfections do make for interesting game play though.

  • shokalion

    Don't forget you can influence the spin of the vehicle in the air in GTAV. That kinda divorces the action from any comparison to realistic physics of course, but I'm pretty sure that'll be what happened there.

  • Syd

    Relevant NPC commentary

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