Flambé, A Dunk Tank That Engulfs Its Victims In Flames

June 30, 2015


Flambé is the brainchild of the entertainment engineers at Two Bit Circus and is basically a dunk tank with no dunking that uses fire instead of water. When somebody successfully hits the target with a softball, the victim (who's wearing a flame-retardant suit because this isn't a human sacrifice) is completely engulfed in flames from 15 propane burners. That sounds awesome, and I want to try it. Put me in! "Sir, I'm afraid you'll have to wear more than a Speedo and -- did you lather yourself in Crisco?" Please mister, I've always dreamed of being extra crispy.

Keep going for a video of the human cooker in action.

Thanks to NotWatch, who thought the purpose of a dunk tank was to knock the person off the platform WITH the softball and now somebody out there has a broken nose and a black eye.

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