Hobbies: First Person View Of Drone Race In Warehouse

June 24, 2015


Note: This screencap sucks pretty hard but the video is worth a watch even if you just skip around and pretend you're a space pilot.

First person view (FPV) drone racing: it's becoming a thing. Will it become more popular than polo? Definitely after horses go extinct. This is a video from one Australian FPV drone racer's quadrocopter during a race inside an abandoned warehouse (my favorite kind of warehouse). So what you're seeing is what he sees in his goggles while he's racing. It looks like a video game. It's not a video game though, it's real life. I play video games to escape real life, so it's not for me. Although it would be fun to kick the winner in the nuts while they still have their goggles on and never see it coming. I am a sore loser and like to make sure the winner is sore too.

Keep going for the video, then let's start our own FPV drone racing league and all crash our copters in the first race and quit.

Thanks to Generator, who wants to get into drone racing but his mom won't let him.

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