First Person Point Of View Of A Mock Viking Battle

June 29, 2015


This is a first person point of view video captured by Alex Yde, who is part of a viking battle themed stunt show. He does a lot of parkour. Overall, the fight looks pretty intense. I love doing battle. Of course, I prefer doing battle from the saddle of my dragon mount, who does a lot of the battling for me. I mostly just like giving orders. Now whip your tail! Sweet, now burn that guy! Heck yeah, now bite him in half and spit his torso over the castle wall! Man, doing battle is the tits. I love it.

Hit the jump for the video, then meet me after school and we'll go play viking warriors by the pond behind my parent's house.

Thanks to carey, who's part of a ninja stunt show which I've gone to see before and am still not convinced it wasn't just an empty auditorium.

  • Azulnauta

    So Viks were the introducers of Parkour?!

  • Doufteu Douftamasta

    note that this show is in a french park in a town named "Le Puy du fou"
    -a french follower-

  • Siegfoult

    My first thought when I saw the picture: "Nice Skyrim graphics mod".

  • timeiskey

    thought it was a skyrim bideo

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