Fallout 4 Gameplay Videos, Pip-Boy Edition Announced

June 15, 2015


Announced at E3 over the weekend, Fallout 4 will be released November 10th and also be available in a $120 Pip-Boy Edition. The Pip-Boy Edition comes with a Pip-Boy armband that holds most popular smartphone and, when coupled with a special app, appears to be a functional Pip-Boy that can serve as a second screen in-game. So the Pip-Boy's screen is your phone's screen, just so we're clear. Below are the six worthwhile gameplay videos (which include some of the new mechanics, VATS still exists too BTW) Bethesda released at E3, which I have watched all of at least three times each. Will I make it four times each? My next emergency trip to the bathroom says yes.

Keep going for one more shot of the Pip-Boy and all the videos, then let's hold hands and jump up and down because we're so excited.


Thanks to everyone who sent this, you're all beautiful people. Except my friends who sent it, you're all terrible and ditched me this weekend.

  • Lewis

    Why would I cate about making my own shack to show my friends!? Hardly what was missing from 3.

  • Naptown

    The Pip Boy screen looks to be much wider than any smartphone I've seen. Plus, if you watch the video, they don't actually show the phone being put in and the screen closing over it. It just cuts from open to shut. What's up with that and how do you know for sure that the phone screen is in fact the Pip Boy screen? :/

  • PUNX

    this is bad axe. released on my bday, Happy bday to me!

  • supr squirrel

    Fallout 4 looks amazing. As did Doom. Never played Dishonored, but Dishonored 2 looked good, too. Basically Bethesda killed it last night.

    The only 'negative' of their entire press conference, at least in my opinion, was Fallout Shelter being an IOS only release. Thought they shot themselves in the foot with that and was disappointed to say the least.

    And now it's time to watch the Xbox E3 press conference. :)

  • Freniere Diamond

    If you play this on anything but PC you are lame!

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