Drinking In The Woods: Ceramic Bigfoot Beer Steins

June 9, 2015


From the same folks that brought us that sweet-ass Krampus beer stein comes this new Bigfoot version. I have always dreamed of drinking with Bigfoot. Both the one that lives in the woods and the monster truck. I have already gotten drunk with Grave Digger once and that ended in disaster. The Bigfoot beer stein holds one liter of beer (or blood), comes in raw and hand-painted varieties and cost $48 and $60, respectively. Both will come with metal lids (picture after the jump) and double as weapons in a bar fight. Man, I remember the first time I saw a guy take a beer stein to the face in a bar fight. I don't remember what happened after though because that guy was me. I woke up in the hospital like four hours later with a crazy boner.

Keep going for a couple closeups and their Kickstarter video, complete with accents.



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