Circle Of Bladeless Fans Endlessly Blow Around Balloons

June 22, 2015


Because electronic store employees get just as bored as everyone else at their jobs, this is the bladeless fan infinity loop set up by the workers at the Yodobashi Camera store in Sapporo, Japan. It blows balloons around and around and around. Does anybody have one of those bladeless fans? How well do they work? I prefer my fans with blades because I like talking into them. Do I sound like Darth Vader now? "You do realize you're typing and not taking, right?" I don't even know anymore.

Keep going for the video, then let's go to the grocery store and try to pull a bottom box of soda out of the display.

Thanks to Jerm, who set up a bladeless fan balloon loop and takes bets on which balloon will go the fastest. I vote yellow.

  • Mmmm. Sapporo.

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    That's a terrible particle accelerator

  • Andrew Newton

    The Large Helium Collider.

  • Leland_Gaunt

    Looks like they accidentally discovered warp drive technology. Somebody sober up Zefram Cochrane, cause the Vulcans are a'commin!

  • Andrew Newton

    Here at Dyson, we blow hard!

  • Ollie Williams

    Seems like a decent way to spend almost six grand.

  • Lucas

    Funny part is, that's actually a decent demo for how well they move air and how safe it is without the blades.

  • shashi
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