Burn Everything, Do It Now: Spider Busts Out Of Banana

June 18, 2015


Aaaaaand Chiquita is officially going out of business.

This is a short video of a spider busting out of a banana. Apparently Youtuber Mngzkhuel noticed something moving in the banana and decided to start filming, although I'm not entirely convinced this isn't part of a smear campaign designed by soda and candy companies to get people to eat more crap and less fruits and vegetables. Congratulations, from now on I only feel safe eating ice cream.

Keep going for the video, but be sure to not look at any of the preview pics for the related videos that show up after its over, because they're all disgusting. I warned you.

Thanks to Lu, for reminding me why I don't eat anything that isn't heavily processed.

  • Rad Chad

    I'm certain that somewhere in the world...somehow...at least one person masturbated to this. Not a pleasant idea, but it needed to be said.

  • Soylent Green Is People


  • ZacEckstein

    This is so fake. A spider can't "break out" of a banana like that, and especially wouldn't do so just in time to be recorded. Good animation though.

  • Is there the sign of a cut in the banane on the upside? Looks to mne, he just opened it, emptied it, put the spider inside and waited for things to happen....

  • Yep. Those preview images for the other videos... nope nope nope nope nope.

  • Steven Walker

    Impressive piece for his VFX reel...

  • Ry Keener

    It is CGI. 'Mngzkhuel' is a YouTuber who makes various videos of 3D models, and a handful of spider videos. They are fun to watch, but this is very much computer made.

  • Torse

    /turns off computer
    /sets computer on fire
    /sets self on fire

  • Ken L

    Sets fire on fire

  • Matt Smith-Johnson

    Wow. This spider is partially responsible for that horrific p0rn parody pikachu from your other post... Holy shit.

  • Total Khaos

    This isn't a real spider, folks. Kaleb Lechowski is an animator for crying out loud, lol!


  • Will

    And an amazingly good one judging from this video... I've seen movies on SyFy that didn't look this real.

  • RB

    Looks fake.

  • MustacheHam

    Be that as it may...I'm possibly going to get nightmares from this. 8D

  • Bryce

    Agreed, super fake, you can tell from all the pixels

  • Gene Kaufman

    Everything that has pixels is fake. Because it's digital. Which isn't real life.

    You see?

  • da1nonlysage

    Scientists confirmed the universe is just a hologram. Life is just a bunch of pixels, so life itself is fake

  • Big McLargehuge

    I'm with you. I call shenanigans.

  • SmoovyBRad

    that thing is deffo fully inside that banana

  • iofo61

    "I have had it with these motherfucking spiders in these motherfucking bananas!"

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