Burger Me: Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver BBQ Tongs

June 4, 2015


These are the $40 officially licensed Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver BBQ Tongs available for pre-order from Entertainment Earth (shipping in October, probably also available elsewhere). The tongs measure 22.5-inches and can be covered in a molded plastic storage case resembling the business end of the 11th and 12th doctor's Sonic Screwdriver when not in use. Did I mention it also produces sound effects powered by two AA batteries? Because it does. Did I mention it can also be used as an extra large dildo? Because it can. Remember: Anything's a dildo if you're brave enough.

Thanks to Stephanie A, who made me promise to watch the grill but I forgot and got drunk and now everything is on fire.

  • MustacheHam

    hummm...they bare an odd resemblance to Crow and Tom Servo.
    ...just tilt your head a bit...you might see it.

  • Meh

    Its probably just me but that looks like a very scary probe.

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