Batman Themed Father's Day Photoshoot On Train Tracks Causes Outrage, Death Threats

June 18, 2015


This is a shot from Mike and Roxanne Daly's Father's Day photoshoot. It features Mike and the couple's son dressed as Batman and Robin, rescuing Roxanne from the train tracks. Aaaaand people on the internet were so outraged they put themselves and their son in danger that they received death threats. The internet, ladies and gentlemen: it's a giant shithole (Geekologie excluded).

The family said they got menacing threats immediately after the post went viral. Their address was posted online along with a message that said someone was coming to their home at 3 a.m.

"We had no idea it was illegal," Daly said. "I've never been on a railroad before. I'll never be on a railroad again. We don't hang out on them. I get where people are coming from, but I don't think the message was well-crafted at all. There were less aggressive ways of communicating that."

Admittedly, it's pretty stupid to not know you're not supposed to hang out on train tracks (besides the risk of being hit, they're considered private property and you can get charged with trespassing -- which actually happened to me before when I went through a hobo phase after college). I'm just not sure the right way to express to someone that they were doing something dangerous is to threaten to kill them. Besides, if you did kill this kid's parents then you're gonna have a real-life Batman on your hands, and he's not gonna be happy.

Thanks to n0nentity, who has always dreamed of traveling the country in a boxcar with the door open and just watching the scenery roll by. *crying* I'm sorry, that is just like, my dream.

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