Baby Chameleon Doesn't Realize He's Been Born, Still Curled Up Like He's In Egg

June 16, 2015


These are several pictures of a baby panther chameleon that has had its egg removed by a human helper after he failed to break out of it himself. Man, sometimes I wish I was still inside my egg.

Here is a baby Panther only seconds old that didn't realize he was out of the egg.

I had to help him out of the egg. I don't believe he would have been able to do it on his own as it didn't pip correctly so I helped him out.

If the egg pips on the side for some reason it can be difficult for the little one to push out as their head isn't near the hole and I've actually had them push out other parts of their bodies like their yoke sac which ultimately end up taking their life.

You think he really didn't know he was out of the egg yet, or do you think he was just being lazy and PRETENDING to not know for the free help? Because sometimes I pretend to be asleep so I don't have to do anything. Mostly at work. It usually ends pretty shitty though because people at work love to wake you up to remind you you're supposed to be working. I hate everyone here and whenever I have to ride the elevator with any of them I stare them dead in the eyes and jump up and down as hard as I can yelling 'I HOPE IT PLUMMETS. I REALLY DO.' I have helped so many people meet their weight-loss goals by taking the stairs.

Keep going for several more shots of the one chameleon Twister party.




Thanks to Stephanie B, who agrees that chameleon has the right idea.

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