Awww: Luhu The Droopy Eyed Cat Looks Perpetually Sad

June 25, 2015


These are a bunch of Instagram shots of Luhu the cat. Luhu has droopy eyelids that make her look like she's forever sad. She's not though, she's a happy kitty. I like how her toes are all distinct. You know, I have a friend who looks like he's perpetually sad. Probably because he is. Me, I'm talking about me. I need a hug. Give me a hug? Please, give me anything. Kick me in the nuts, I don't care, just remind me I'm alive. *lifting shirt* Also tell me this rash is gonna go away. "Jesus!" It's bad, isn't it? My nipples disappeared a couple days ago.

Keep going for a bunch more shots.









Thanks to Anna, who's always dreamed of having a cat whose eyes point in two different direction.

  • kevin

    I've finally done it. I've found my spirit animal.

  • MrJimmyCleaver .

    I am a man, and I would cry in awe if this little furball ever curls up under my arms, pokes her head out and makes a soft mew noise with a tiny tear from her eye. I would never want to let her go and keep her under well care with lots of love. This world is going through a lot of hurt and this kitty knows what's up.

  • event


  • MustacheHam

    man...I never felt such a strong urge to give someone a hug. <:)
    These pictures are killin' me GW.

  • Jenness

    Anyone else notice the cloudiness in the right eye?

  • timeiskey

    i guess she has CATaracts

  • Jenness

    heh, good one

  • Sebastiann Elegant√© Neely

    Might be a cataract.

  • Forgoten Null

    To give you a response that's not a bot. Yes.

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