Angry Drunk Man Swats $1,350 Quadrocopter Out Of Sky

June 8, 2015


This is a video of a portly drunk man swatting a $1,350 DJI Phantom 3 quadrocopter out of the sky and breaking its 4K camera and three of its props. Apparently the man, who is a neighbor of the folks filming, told them if he flew it over his house he was going to be pissed off. Then, because the best defense is a good offense and he might not know if the fly it over his house later because he'll be passed out drunk, he decided to just whack the thing right then and there. Also, is this guy calling that VW bus his house now? I'm confused. And where are his shoes? Because I feel like one of you should go order some Toms so the company will send him a pair too.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Bullocks, who really need to stop itching because I'm starting to get worried but I'm always nervous to go to the doctor and talk about my nuts.

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