All The Rage: Turning Your Cat's Head Into Totoro

June 11, 2015


These are several shots from cat owners in Japan that have turned the back of their cat's heads into Totoro by applying pieces of cut paper. This one is pretty spot-on, but the last couple -- I'm not sure if those people aren't good with scissors or what, but they look more like awful Furbies than they do Totoro. If this was a school assignment I would definitely make those students stay after class to ask whether or not their parents know they eat glue sticks.

Keep going for five more.






Thanks to Puma, who might be able to run faster than I can but that's okay because I hate running. I don't even like standing.

  • Metacomet

    Are we supposed to give a shit or be 1/8th amused by this?

  • MustacheHam

    It's a funny thing to point out here, but it's not hard to tell who use an X-Acto Knife and a pair of shears to cut those holes.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Ya a couple of these are less Totoro and more Tardtoro...

  • Meh

    Yeah people have nothing to do.

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