90-Year Old Gets To Fulfill Lifelong Dream Of Backing A Car Through Closed Garage Door

June 5, 2015


This is a video of 90-year old Walter Thomas getting to fulfill his lifelong dream of backing a car through a closed garage door. Apparently a relative was going to have their garage demolished and knew about Walter's bucket list and decided to let him live the dream. You know, because that's what family is for. Plus complaining about all the time.

Every time I back out of the garage, I think about backing through the door.

Heck yeah you do, Walter. What a beautiful creature this man is. Now not to brag or anything, but I've actually backed my car through a garage door before and it wasn't even a dream of mine, just a stupid mistake that I'm still paying for.

Keep going for the video then get out there and start fulfilling your own dreams. I mean that.

Thanks to Abra, who has always dreamed of borrowing a neighbor's car and driving it through another neighbor's garage and into the pool in the back yard. Dream big!

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