World Record LEGO Ball Moving Machine Moves Balls Using 88 Different Ball-Moving Modules

May 29, 2015


Remember that ultra-impressive GBC (great ball contraption) built by Kawaguchi Akiyuki. Well this is an even BIGGER one built by Maico Arts and Ben Jonkman that contains 88 different ball moving modules. That is a lot of ways to move balls! I usually move mine by nonchalantly repositioning a leg. The key to shifting your balls to a more comfortable position (provided they aren't glued to your leg because it's so f***ing hot out) is not using your hand so people won't think you're some sort of masturbating pervert. Trust me -- nobody wants to watch you pleasure yourself, not even your girlfriend. I remember the first time I asked my girlfriend if we could watch each other pleasure ourselves. You know what she told me? "Not in the grocery store." What?! We were in the wine aisle and I was feeling romantic.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Jeffrey S, who has no choice but to use a wheelbarrow to move his balls.

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