What The Hell Is That?!: Previously Unseen Deep Sea Creatures Discovered Off Coast Of Puerto Rico

May 14, 2015


This is a beautiful video documenting some of the previously unseen deep sea creatures discovered off the coast of Puerto Rico. There are some straight up aliens in the mix. Things I guarantee Mother Nature doesn't even remember making. 'Wait -- I invented that?' I imagine her slurring across a table of empty wine bottles and prescription containers.

Keep going for the video and get your Jacques Cousteau on.

  • Ellie
  • Sashman1234 .

    Looks like the brain slug from futurama.

  • xolifer

    Imma name you Headless Parrot.

  • Ed

    Most of them look delicious.

  • $1149480

    have* just explored

  • TheQiwiMan

    Nope, since "team" is singular, which is what "has" is referring to.



  • $1149480

    Ew it sounds so phonetically wrong

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    Blame internet cats. They make me think twice every time I use has because now everything with this word sounds wrong.

  • cardstock

    Puerto Rico isn't exactly uncharted territory, how did no one ever think to look in the water until now?

  • Ed

    This part was 2000 meters down!

  • Daniel Anderson

    The real push for underwater observation has only recently started gaining momentum. Overall the funding for such expeditions was rarely there other than for fiber layouts and some military exercises and drilling/mining. We'll see this really boom here in the near future.

  • GG

    @Daniel Anderson: well said
    @cardstock:disqus would direct you to the last image in the video that says we have only explored 5% of our oceans...lots of places to look

  • Daniel Anderson

    Well yeah, but thats the point of me saying its only recently began gaining momentum. There have been scientists going deep sea diving since the 70's. But when around 70% of the world is ocean only sending a few expeditions over the course of 40 years doesn't help so of course theres lots of places to look. The big thing is national security has been taking an interesting here in the US regarding our coasts, so this will help fuel expeditions and mapping out the territory. Things like James Cameron going out just helps fuel interest.

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