Time Wasters: Desktop App Turns Any Part Of Your Screen Into A Playable Super Mario Level

May 29, 2015


Screentendo is a desktop app developed by Aaron Randall that allows you to turn any part of your computer screen into a playable Super Mario level. Granted not a particularly fun level, but Mario can run around and jump and break blocks. The app works by image processing the highlighted portion of your screen, and rendering blocks based on the shapes. Hopefully with the next update it'll include some Koopa Troopas and a flag pole to jump on. Have I ever told you I tried jumping on a flagpole once? Smashed my nuts, passed out and cracked my head open.

Keep going for a video demonstration using the Google logo. Download the app at the bottom of the page HERE.

Thanks Aaron, now make a Metroid version and I'll never leave my laptop. Except to shower. Not that I want to, but I've already destroyed too many laptops with water damage.

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