This Is Why We're Fat: You Can Now Order Domino's By Tweeting The Pizza Emoji

May 14, 2015


Starting May 20th, you'll be able to order your 'Easy Order' (a custom order you've pre-saved on the Domino's website, along with your address and billing info) simply by tweeting the pizza emoji to @dominos. After tweeting, you'll receive a verification text, and your pizza will be on its way. I will only do it once, for the novelty, then go back to ordering Papa John's because Papa John's is the tits. Complimentary pepperoncini and garlic sauce for the win heartburn and diarrhea.

Once a customer has registered their Twitter handle on their Domino's Pizza Profile, they will then be able to simply tweet #EasyOrder or just the pizza emoji to the Domino's Twitter handle. Domino's will then send the customer a direct message to confirm the order and the Easy Order saved in a customer's profile will be automatically sent to their home.

I mean, it's cool it's so simple, but I rarely want to order the same thing every time. I like to SPICE IT UP. Sometimes I want ham and pineapple, and other times I want sausage and mushrooms. Just kidding, I never want ham and pineapple. You know what happened the last time I had a slice of ham and pineapple pizza? I got OUT OF CONTROL. "Yeah, that was probably the twelve cocktails you had before." IT WAS THE PIZZA. I know my body.

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