Suck, Not Blow: Nintendo Cartridge Drinking Flasks

May 20, 2015


Remember the Kickstarter for the flasks that look like Nintendo cartridges? Well now they're real products and you can get Drunk Hunt, The Legend Of Drink and Fine Ale Fantasy versions at ThinkGeek, or the whole lineup including Super Bar-Hop Bros, Castle Vodka, Metal Beer, Kega Man, Tetriquilla, Spike Dyson's Pass-Out!! and Ninja Dry-Gin at the official store for $20 apiece. Each plastic flask holds 6-oz and won't fool anybody. Officer I swear, I was just blowing off the cartridge! "You were blowing into the wrong end, son." What? Man, that's a serious design flaw, please don't take my weed too.

Keep going for a bunch more shots of the other cartridges.









Thanks to Douglas, who's holding out for a flask that looks like a Starbucks cup. Yeah, that's called an empty Starbucks cup.

  • Curse Cursed

    Let me tell you, that it's as uncomfortable to drink form it as it looks
    Also it's almost impossible to pour your drink into the thing without spilling half of it on the ground
    The sticker fades real quick if you carry it in your pocket
    I can't believe I donated 25$ bucks for it last year
    But I am still content with it despite all the down sides

  • TheQiwiMan

    Clicked for the bad puns.

    Wasn't disappointed.


  • MustacheHam

    These are great. :D

    Somehow...some way...mixing games with booze has a better turnout.

    But...not if your on one of those online games.

  • Emmitt Morgans

    Now you just have to find a good excuse for just carrying around a single NES cartridge...

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