Software CEO Has Star Trek Voyager Office Building Built

May 22, 2015


The CEO of Chinese software firm NetDragon is such a big Star Trek fan he had the company's $160-million headquarters built to look like the Star Trek Voyager. This is a Google satellite image of that building, and there's a video tour after the jump. When I'm the CEO of my own company you know what I'm going to have my headquarters built to look like? "A strip club." Exactly. Not only is it going to LOOK like a strip club, it's going to BE a strip club. With both male and female dancers though because I want all my employees to be as happy and productive as possible.

Keep going for a video tour of the building's exterior, complete with one of the weirdest choices in soundtracks I could imagine.

Thanks to JERM, who has always dreamed of a giant AT-AT office building.

  • Harley Mann

    Looks like the took the pay to win model into account when they paid for THIS win!

  • Gilbert


    Ah yes, the makers of the "Free to play, pay to win" style of MMORPG...

  • Josh

    "The Star Trek Voyager?"
    GW are you outsourcing your writing again?

  • Emmitt Morgans

    I didn't even notice that's how it was written until I saw your comment... BWAHAHAHA!

    USS Voyager, dummy!

    Oh, and the URL for this page has "enterprise" in it... sheesh.

  • archer923

    I'm compelled to repeat Paris' annoying lines now. "It's us! It's the Voyager!

  • n8ertot

    This is one of the most annoying videos I've ever seen ... the painfully slow pan coupled with that music makes me want to punch my monitor. Cool building though.

  • Enkidu98

    Should have had an underground parking garage accessed through the Shuttle Bay Doors.

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