So Dark Your Brain Hurts: World's New Darkest Material

May 13, 2015


This is a video about Vantablack (not to be confused with Vanna White, who is 58 and has been flipping letters on Wheel Of Fortune for 33 years and doesn't look a day over stunning), a material made of millions of carbon nanotubes that absorbs 99.96% of all light that hits it. In the video, Surrey Nanosystems business development director Steve Northam explains that the sample he's holding, which is printed on a sheet of aluminum foil, is so dark that, despite how wrinkled the aluminum foil is when viewed from the rear, you can't notice any of the wrinkles when viewed from the nanotube side because the material reflects so little light. So little light, in fact, that your brain doesn't know what to make of it when viewed in person. When reached for comment about the new darkest material, Riddick insisted it wasn't giving him a boner despite the fact I could hear him unzipping his pants over the phone.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Michael K, who agrees Vantablack is definitely not the material you want to go jogging at night wearing.

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