Smashing An $800 LEGO Star Destroyer In Ultra Slo-Mo

May 4, 2015


To celebrate Star Wars Day (I love celebrating by breaking things) this is a video from WIRED of an $800, 16-hour build LEGO Star Destroyer nose-diving into the ground at 1,000 frames per second. I like how they point out all the Star Wars minifigs that go flying, I feel like that was a nice touch. What did you do for Star Wars Day? My roommate and I grilled a tauntaun and watched the original trilogy. I think later we're gonna paint two PVC pipes to look like lightsabers and beat the shit out of each other in the parking garage.

Keep going for the video, then get out there and smash something yourself. You'll be glad you did.

Thanks to LookyLoo, who reminded me Cinco de Mayo is tomorrow and I need to go get a pinata tonight.

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