Robotic Ass Peripheral For Virtual Prostate Exams

May 28, 2015


This is Patrick the robotic ass. Patrick helps medical students practice prostate exams without having to stick their fingers up actual patient's asses. Because nobody wants to be a guinea pig when it comes to their butt. Hey doc -- you ever done this before? "First time." Awesome, I'm getting the f*** out of here.

The image shows a medical student practicing a prostate exam on a virtual patient. The virtual patient prostate exam simulation is designed to help students practice and reduce anxiety with intimate exams. In the experience, the student talks to a virtual person and is able to practice their communication skills. The students can conduct a realistic prostate exam on the plastic mannequin. The mannequin is instrumented with force sensors that can measure where the student is examining and with how much pressure. This enables the system to provide a realistic encounter with a virtual patient that includes communication and physical exam components.

I bet I would be a good prostate examiner because I am GENTLE. Plus I'd warm my hands over a fire first to make sure there aren't any cold surprises. Actually -- let me have a go at that robot butt. *performs exam* Well, how'd I do? "You were very gentle." Told you. "But you also left a surgical glove and Livestrong bracelet in the rectum." Pfft, well it's not like they're not gonna work their way out.

Note: Article originally published in November, 2013, but it's going around the internet again because everybody loves butts so I moved it to the front page.

Thanks to Rhubarb, who agrees butt health is important and you shouldn't be embarrassed to have that ass examined. Just make sure to shower and that you're dingleberry-free before you go in.

  • Bling Nye

    You should only be concerned during your prostate exam if the doctor has both hands on your shoulders.

  • dingleberry

  • Can this be set up on a remote? I may have a use for it.

  • Wendy Whitley

    The student can talk to the virtual patient, practicing their communication skills..... Ah, yes, the favored making small talk whilst violating your naughty bits. We women also love that during our 'scoot-down' appointments.

  • Jonathan Yergo

    *Looks to left, looks to right, nonchalantly walks to assbot and makes sweet love to it*

  • Closet Nerd

    Now I feel like I have to poop

  • KLanD

    LOL.. I can already predict 2 things..

    1. Some one's going to try and fnck that thing
    2. This is going straight to the porn industry.

  • nikkome

    Any better? Can you now try reading the 5th line?

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