Questionable: Proposed Flag For The Planet Earth

May 20, 2015


This is the flag for planet Earth as proposed by Beckmans College of Design graduate Oskar Pernefeldt. Oskar used the five basic principles of good flag design (apparently there are five basic principles of good flag design) to come up with the proposal. I dunno, it looks like the Olympic rings and a couple biohazard symbols are having an orgy.

Pernefeldt used the principles of vexillology, the scientific study of flags, to create a meaningful design representing the water and life on our planet. The shade of blue was chosen to stand out against the black of space and the white of a spacesuit, and the interconnected rings form a flower to represent life on Earth and how it is intertwined.

The design follows the five basic principles of good flag design that were recently laid out in a TED talk by radio producer Roman Mars, with the arguable exception of the ring design being too complex.

Obviously, if planet Earth is going to have a flag, that flag should be decided by an international design contest and VOTING. And that voting should be rigged so that my design wins, and the first thing aliens ever see regarding humanity is a flag of a giant penis eclipsing the sun.

Keep going for a couple more shots of the flag in patch and sticker form, and a video of the design process.



Thanks to MA, who sadly agrees the winning design for earth's flag would probably be entirely in emojis.

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