Over The Line: Big Lebowski Character Nesting Dolls

May 15, 2015


These are the custom Big Lebowski character nesting dolls handpainted by artist Andy Stattmiller. They are, from largest to smallest: Walter Sobchak (holding Donny's ashes and his ex wife's pomeranian), The Dude, Jesus, Maude, Mr. Lebowski, The Stranger, and the marmot (actually a ferret). Has anyone made one of those 'What Big Lebowski Character Are You' quizzes yet? I bet they have. *Googles* Yes, they have. And I just got Maude Lebowski. "You have a powerful personality but It's all about you, isn't it? You're entire life is about entitlement, and you have no problems with going after anything you need to make that life happen -- including babies. You don't pretend to be anything else, however, and there's something to be said for honesty." Wow, that does NOT sound like me at all. I'm starting to think the idiots who make these things are the people who would get, "People who shouldn't make quizzes" if they ever took a decently constructed "What Job Is Right For You" quiz.

Keep going for shots of them from all angles, but check out Andy's website for sets of Breaking Bad, Batman, and Robin Williams character nesting dolls.




Thanks to me, for knowing I'm actually the perfect combination of The Dude, Donny and Walter.

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