Now Smack Yourself In The Head With It: Solid Chocolate Hand Tools That Look Like The Real Thing

May 8, 2015


This are the Chocolate Tools sold by Firebox. They're made from 100% Belgian chocolate and covered in edible paint to make them look like real metal tools. They cost $23 apiece though (per tool, not set), so they're not for the poor. I'm going to buy the hammer and chase my roommate around the apartment with it. God willing, he'll have a heart attack and I can finally live happily ever after. "You know it's not your roommate that's the problem, you're just projecting the way you feel about yourself." You sound like my therapist. He's awful. Just kidding, he's DECENT, but that still doesn't stop me from letting a little air out of his tires after every meeting.

Keep going for shots of the tools individually.






Thanks to GigaPet, who was hands down my best friend from '97 - '99.

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