New World Record For Distance Traveled On Hoverboard

May 22, 2015


"Hey McFly you bojo, those boards don't work on water!"
"Unless you've got POWER!"

This is a video of Catalina Alexandru Duru traveling 275.9 meters (905-feet, 2 inches) on a hoverboard. Except not the kind of hoverboard you imagined, this is more like a quadrocopter you can stand on. Still, the Guinness Book of World Records recognized it as the furthest flight on a hoverboard. The previous record was only 50 meters (164 feet). My personal best? 1.2 meters (4-feet). Although technically that was just a jump, and I did roll my ankle on the landing.

Keep going for a video of the wow, I always imagined hoverboards being way quieter.

Thanks to McGill, who wants a hoverboard that you don't have to wear earplugs while riding.

  • Sam Kol

    Please someone gift me the awesome hooverboard! Can anyone? haha LOL :D

  • Mancuso

    This is a double record, the second part being "Manliest beard ever sported by someone called Catalina", WTF?

  • shashi

    Worth if only for the recommendations funniest running ive ever seen

  • Johnny Bigrig

    super large quadrocoptor = hoverboard. Way to pilfer that technology that's been around for several decades.

  • Emmitt Morgans

    Umm... what's a "bojo?"

  • shashi

    Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson [understandably insulting]

  • Gilbert

    I hope it wasn't destroyed by the water landing...

  • aquarius7373

    I don't like the green goblin stance. I'd rather see a snowboarding stance. And I am a bit bummed I won't be alive when hoverboards are somehow used to play an official Quidditch kind of game.

  • RetroPAT

    Missing a Green Goblin suit. Nice tho.

  • Chaz Gomez

    Something tells me to still doubt this is real...

  • Tshadow05

    So hard to trust the internet now

  • Scuggler

    The hell happens at the end? Did he run out of juice or was he just like "Almost 6 times better than the current record, we're done here."

  • Tshadow05

    He probably went as far as he could. I would imagine that thing sucks up a lot of power so he probably ran out of battery. I wish they would show a closer look to see how its actually working!

  • Scuggler

    He needs to mount an exo suit and carry more power on his back. It's probably just a super powered quad copter so I imagine it's very power hungry.

  • Forgoten Null

    Then you run the risk of overweighting the thing. It was probably very difficult to manage the weight/thrust ratio without worrying about an extra 50 pounds of external batteries and cables.

  • Hazakabammer


  • Jason Christopher

    That is exactly what I was thinking. Why not just go on and on and on, rack up some mileage, and be untouchable?

  • The_Wretched

    I wonder if he has all of his fingers.

  • xolifer

    Is he peeing?

  • Gene Kaufman

    My hoverboard is full of eels!

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