My Armory Demands One: The Cross-Bladed Axe

May 15, 2015


The cross-bladed axe is the brainchild of Instructables user KH4 and can cut a log into four pieces with a single swing. For reference, that is twice as many pieces as a regular axe can. Of course it probably takes more power to drive a cross-bladed axe, but I'm practically made of muscle so it's no big deal. And by muscle I mean Jello. And with pieces of cat-food inside like Aunt Bethany's Jello casserole in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Didn't you want to try that? I wanted to try it. Uncle Eddie made that shit look GOOOOD.

Keep going for a video of axe in action, then wish you'd followed your dream of becoming a lumberjack.

Thanks to DavisD, who just invented an axe with blades shaped like a star so you can cut a log into five pieces at once. Impressive, but I want an axe that sets whatever I swing it at on fire and steals its soul. Wait, what?

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