My Armory Demands One: The Cross-Bladed Axe

May 15, 2015


The cross-bladed axe is the brainchild of Instructables user KH4 and can cut a log into four pieces with a single swing. For reference, that is twice as many pieces as a regular axe can. Of course it probably takes more power to drive a cross-bladed axe, but I'm practically made of muscle so it's no big deal. And by muscle I mean Jello. And with pieces of cat-food inside like Aunt Bethany's Jello casserole in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Didn't you want to try that? I wanted to try it. Uncle Eddie made that shit look GOOOOD.

Keep going for a video of axe in action, then wish you'd followed your dream of becoming a lumberjack.

Thanks to DavisD, who just invented an axe with blades shaped like a star so you can cut a log into five pieces at once. Impressive, but I want an axe that sets whatever I swing it at on fire and steals its soul. Wait, what?

  • Wiley

    Pause it at 0:16
    I'm fine being wrong... but I don't believe this axe doess the work as advertised by this demonstration, sorry. Looks like pre-split wood.
    He's not actually lying by saying it's solid either, because even if it was pre-cut, it's still solid. But it doesn't exactly take a detective to see those lines.
    And as someone who has chopped a little bit of wood in their day, the bark and knot comment seems unimportant and like intended further distraction.

  • raleighstclair

    I see the lines also and you can watch it as HD. And i too agree that the bark and knot mean nothing. Bummer.

  • GeneralDisorder

    You could be seeing chainsaw marks (the video isn't exactly high def of the utmost quality) or natural splits (which is what you aim for when splitting by hand) but we also can't rule out being skeptical that this isn't a stunt log that's already partly split.

  • Brad Walton

    I need this.

  • Meh

    Pretty nice.

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