MUTANT FREAK: The World's Largest Strawberry

May 28, 2015


This is the 250-gram (~8.8 oz, about half a pound) mutant strawberry grown by a Japanese farmer in Fukuoka. Now I know what you're thinking, but Fukuoka is 1,350km (~840-miles) from Fukushima -- I already looked. It looks like it was made by gluing six already freakishly large strawberries together. Allegedly it wasn't though. You know, I used to date a girl whose grandfather would hide lead weights in all the produce he grew for the annual heaviest fruit and vegetable growing competition. In hindsight that whole family sucked and I should have gotten out of that relationship way sooner.

Keep going for a video of the strawberry, including a girl eating it at the end.

Thanks to KT, who agrees there's nothing better than cutting the top off a strawberry, pouring a little sugar inside, then giving it a whipped cream hat. I could eat those all day.

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