Mars Rover Curiosity Takes Picture Of Martian Sunset

May 8, 2015


Note: Larger version HERE in case you wanna look for aliens.

This is a shot of a Martian sunset captured by the Mars rover Curiosity. Beautiful, isn't it? But also pretty desolate looking. I can't help but feel that poor lil rover is out there all alone like Wall-E, but with no EVE in sight. Will he ever find love? Or will he have no choice but to track down the Mars rover Opportunity and mate with it? How far away are they from each other anyways? Because I just got a pretty sweet movie idea. It'll be just like Homeward Bound, but a love story, and with two robots humping each other's wheels off at the end. Kids will love it.

Thanks to Andy, who informed me if you're on the surface of the sun, it never sets. Heck yeah, that is like, my DREAM.

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