Man Retells The Big Lebowski Entirely With Emojis

May 11, 2015


Because everyone spends their weekends differently, this is the scene by scene retelling of The Big Lebowski written by Matt Haughey entirely in emojis. This is just the first part though, but I included Matt's entire translation after the jump. So, what did you think? Not nearly as fun as watching the movie, was it? I've probably watched The Big Lebowski at least fifty times. Let me rephrase that: I've probably watched the first hour of The Big Lebowski at least fifty times. The second half has just continued playing after I passed out on the sofa with a beer in each hand.

Keep going for the whole story, although some emojis didn't translate proper and that's not my fault.


Thanks to TamTam, who's hard at work translating The Princess Bride into emoji.

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