Made-To-Order Borderlands Style Cel-Shaded Jeans

May 7, 2015


These are the custom Cel shaded pants Borderlands style Comic book jeans Cosplay Pants (I just copied her product title if you couldn't tell) available from Etsy seller DejaNeufHeures (previously: this other pair somebody made). They cost $114 and are made specifically for you. Same goes for this card I just wrote. "It says 'I hate you.'" I mean that. Now flip it over. "It says 'Just Kidding, I need a hug.'" I am just a roller-coaster of emotions today.

Hand-painted with lots of love, these will make you feel like a video game character. Made-to-order only, these pants will be made for YOU. Beside their amazing look, these are super comfy and flattering, this super skinny fit fits everyone and will make you feel awesome. The fabric is super stretchy and super soft, you will never want to wear anything but these. These pants are ideal for cosplay but you can wear them for everyday life as well.

I want a pair. Unfortunately, the tight jean look is not for me. You see the problem is that I'm only 6'1", but God must have grabbed a penis from the bag for building a man over fourteen feet tall, because i have yet to find a pair of pants where the outline of my penis isn't visible, and that includes the widest leg JNCO jeans they ever made.

Keep going for a couple more shots.



Thanks to DammitGW, who really gets it.

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