Local Fox News Station Blurs Out Cubist Breasts Of Record-Breaking Picasso Painting

May 15, 2015


But they didn't blur the giant ass in the middle? What do you have against tits and not butts? Or -- OR -- could you not tell that was a butt?

Fox 5 in New York decided the beautiful (albeit somewhat hard to recognize) titties in Pablo Picasso's Women of Algiers were a little too risque for the news when reporting on the record-breaking $179.4-million dollar sale of the painting, and decided to blur them out just in case they were to give people boners and/or turn them into sexual deviants. Women of Algiers is the most expensive painting ever sold at auction, and the fifth most expensive painting every sold at all. I wonder whose decision it was to make the blur. Because that is a little ridiculous. If I were the newscaster I would have bothered the weatherman's draw-on-screen capabilities to draw even bigger boobs on the painting. Will they have laser nips? PROBABLY. Oh -- and what's this? It's a giant penis in the sky! Man, I would make a great newscaster.

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