Leafblower + Outdoor Fireplace = Volcano

May 6, 2015


This is a short video of Youtuber odog8888888888888888 (who may have fallen asleep on the keyboard while picking his Youtube name) using a leafblower to stoke the fire in a chimenea. Apparently his mom wasn't too happy about (you have to hear her yelling at the end of the video), and I don't blame her -- this is exactly how award-winning rosebushes get set on fire and you get pulled from the Flower Club's Spring Garden Tour and all your hard work and weeding and composting and mulching have gone to complete shit. NOW THAT BITCH MARIETTA DOWN THE STREET IS GOING TO WIN THE BLUE RIBBON! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW? WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO YOUR DEAR OLD MOTHER? I BIRTHED YOU, WHY?!

Keep going for the video, then do not try this at home out of respect for your mother.

Thanks to Lucas, who dares you to stick your head over the chimenea for one second and pretend like you're taking a bong hit.

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