Killing Contest: Infographic Of Marvel's Biggest Killers

May 26, 2015


This is an infographic detailing the Marvel Universe's most proficient killers. Are the numbers accurate? I don't feel like it. I feel like a lot of those numbers should be way higher, and some of the universe's biggest killers aren't even included. That's the thing about infographics -- most of them are really misinfographics. I made an infographic once. It was an infographic about the accuracy of infographics. And it was just a single pie chart, and that pie was actually a cake because I couldn't find a decent clip art picture of a pie. I think that speaks volumes.

Thanks to Mark, who made the chart or at least had something to do with it or something. I don't know.

  • Tonatiúh Díaz

    What about Blade??

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  • Daniel

    Nice infographic. It is very informative and easy to read. You should submit it for free at Thanks

  • Mark

    Yellow Jacket is -not- a Super Hero. While Antman (Hank Pym) and Yellow Jacket (Hank Pym) are the same person, Yellowjacket is Hank Pym as a super villain. I would also argue that this is extremely inaccurate, not just because of the whole "Some kills should be higher" thing, but also there is no real way of knowing exactly what universe this is referencing, or even his 'standard' for what he considers to be 'notable' people. Case in point Captain America killing a zombie Truman.

  • whacko

    Hank Pym ask Yellowjacket was most often portrayed as a hero while he wore the Yellowjacket costume despite some serious personality flaws.

  • techraan

    Captain America killed hundreds. World War 2? Hello?

  • Wolvs was in the same war, and Wolverine issue #1 he's on a island and kills everyone. Phoenix saga, Secrete Wars, and ton of other cross-overs have plenty of kills too.

  • Joe Hansbarger

    Didn't Jean Grey kill off entire solar systems?

  • NutSpark

    Only main universe (616) also I assume. Dadpool killed off an entire universe (12101).

  • ODwanKenObi

    What no Hulk stats?

  • Jason Christopher

    I've seen this pop up a few places, and a lot of people seem to think the kill counts should be much higher... But I think this infographic is only showing kills of other Marvel universe characters, not civilians. If civilians were included, this would look MUCH different. I'm not complaining, I think this is a great post.

  • Rufio_the_Lostboy

    Definitely does not include nameless goons

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