Just Like Our Ancestors Used To: Grilling Steaks With Lava

May 21, 2015


I don't think our ancestors actually cooked steaks with lava, by the way. I don't think they were grilling steaks at all. I always imagine them just standing really still and biting animals as they went by. This is a video from Syracuse University's Lava Project of a couple guys grilling steaks, salmon and hot dogs with man-made lava. It's pretty amazing these guys can make lava but can't seem to grill a steak anything but ultra well-done. If you told me you were going to char them all I would have just eaten mine raw. Speaking of -- raw hamburger meat is still one of my guilty pleasures. Plus it's the perfect meal for staying up all night because usually I'm rocking back and forth on the shitter for hours and hours afterward.

Keep going for the video.

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