It Was Never A Dress: Women's Bathroom Sign Revealed

May 4, 2015


Because GW is my name and female empowerment is my game (even above beer pong and Risk), this is a shot of the women's bathroom sign revelation discovered by Axosoft programmer Tania Katan. As you can see, the woman in the sign was never wearing a dress, she was wearing a CAPE. Also, no pants. I too am a big fan of no pants. You know how a lot of cities organize those no-pants subway rides? That is me everyday. But I don't just limit myself to the subway, I also ride the bus with no pants, and those electric scooters at the grocery store. Man, I wish those things had horns on them. But not like car horns, like bull horns to gore people blocking the aisle. I am a no-nonsense shopper. I am also an extreme couponer.

Thanks to Melissa D, who hinted that those baby-changing stations in restrooms also have a another, more superhero use but wouldn't tell me what.

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