Hot Topic Is Buying ThinkGeek For $122-Million

May 27, 2015


All body jewelry buy one, get one $1?! Moooooom -- will you drive me to the mall?

In sad news for everyone everywhere, Hot Topic has announced it's plan to purchase online retailer ThinkGeek in a deal worth $122-million. Apparently the two companies have been competitors for awhile, because everyone has to buy their Green Lantern and Spider Man shirts somewhere.

Hot Topic CEO Lisa Harper believes that it's a good fit, since both companies share a strategy of "delivering great products for avid fans of various licensed properties."

Solid business strategy. I remember one time when I was in business school I developed a business strategy that was "Kill competitors, display their skulls, make $$$." I failed that project, plus was forced to attend an extra business ethics class that was 3 hours a week. I could barely sit still the two hours of the new Mad Max movie, could you imagine me in a classroom listening about business ethics for 3 hours straight? I pulled the fire alarm so many times that semester. SO MANY TIMES.

Thanks to Stephen, who only buys bootleg superhero shirts out of the back of people's car trunks.

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