Hot Topic Is Buying ThinkGeek For $122-Million

May 27, 2015


All body jewelry buy one, get one $1?! Moooooom -- will you drive me to the mall?

In sad news for everyone everywhere, Hot Topic has announced it's plan to purchase online retailer ThinkGeek in a deal worth $122-million. Apparently the two companies have been competitors for awhile, because everyone has to buy their Green Lantern and Spider Man shirts somewhere.

Hot Topic CEO Lisa Harper believes that it's a good fit, since both companies share a strategy of "delivering great products for avid fans of various licensed properties."

Solid business strategy. I remember one time when I was in business school I developed a business strategy that was "Kill competitors, display their skulls, make $$$." I failed that project, plus was forced to attend an extra business ethics class that was 3 hours a week. I could barely sit still the two hours of the new Mad Max movie, could you imagine me in a classroom listening about business ethics for 3 hours straight? I pulled the fire alarm so many times that semester. SO MANY TIMES.

Thanks to Stephen, who only buys bootleg superhero shirts out of the back of people's car trunks.

  • shashi
  • bobjr94

    Hot topic is too fake. Fake worn and aged jackets with poorly sewn on band patches. Punk band shirts from bands that arn't punk. Someones sad idea of improving the hot topic brand by dragging down a successful one ot their level.

  • ThinkGeek is extremely overrated. Their products are great, but the prices are absurd. You can find the same products through a different retailer for a more reasonable amount.

    So sounds like they won't be changing too much with new leadership.

  • Jenness

    This blows. Sorry but I don't want to have to trudge through (as if clicking is trudgery but what ev's) plus sized goth crap so I can see cool gizmos. Plus ThinkGeek has better quality stuff made with metal - not all plastic and China cheap. *flails* But for $122 million I'd sell out too and can't blame them.

  • cyncity

    WTF are you saying... this matters a whole lot to me. RIP Thinkgeek.

  • At least, ThinkGeek had reasonable international shipping fees, compared to Hot Topic. Therefore, I'm expecting ThinkGeek shipping fees to climb up. A really sad thing.

  • Johnny Bigrig

    I haven't heard of Pac Sun or Hot Topic in 15 years outside of lame jokes, and now they both get big stories in 3 days? What an amazing coincidence.

  • Dane Vogel

    Overpriced clothing store for posers buying an online store specializing in overpriced junk.

    Why is anyone shocked by this?

  • Cortney A.

    No surprise for me, both are one stop shops for hipsters.

  • cyncity

    Um what? Hipsters? you honestly feel that being interested in anything retro or vintage themed in the entertainment category makes you a hipster? That's a really narrow view Captain. You are not allowed to use my Light Saber chopsticks, Newb.

  • Cortney A.

    The fact that you spelled it "Newb" and upvoted your own comment speaks volumes about you.

  • cyncity

    a) I upvote my own comment so it is more likely to be seen. Have you ever heard of social engineering? b) I like newb, it's the way I feel like using it. I am not a little kid and do not have to conform to anyone's method of doing things or wiki or urban dictionary's self-created definitions. And maybe I had some hope for you to improve. But now I don't. So move along.

  • Such sad news. Think Geek is so great, and Hot Topic is utter shite. I've been shopping at Think Geek for over a decade, but that will end once Hot Topic gets their glittery trendy hands all over it.

  • cyncity

    Courtney spelled incorrect would call you a hipster.

  • Cy

    I announced this in the office. All I heard were cries of "Nooooo!" And then, one wise soul said " if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced."

  • Gilbert

    That's pretty much what I thought...

    This. Sucks!

  • Gene Kaufman


  • PUNX

    thinkgeek is a great website, really do hope it doesnt go all goth

  • GodOfFoxes

    Hot topic hasn't been "goth" since 2003 or so.

  • CDW in PC

    I used to buy from thinkgeek also, but I have noticed their product selections have been getting fewer in the past year or so. I used to love all the edible stuff but they haven't had anything i want to buy anymore. Also it seems any of the other products i like or want are always sold out. Anyways, this is kinda sad news, but hopefully they will keep it as a separate division and not really merge the two.

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