Honey On Tap: Clever Honey Harvesting Beehive System

May 1, 2015


This is the Flow honey harvesting system. It consists of a box beehive with 3-D printed honeycombs inside that bees fill with honey, then cap off. Once the honeycombs are completed, a simple twist of a handle splits the honeycombs, creating a channel for the honey to flow through, and out into jars. Afterwards, the whole process is repeated again. Simple! So simple even a child could do it. Provided that child is cool getting stung by a bunch of bees and dying like Macaulay Culkin in 'My Girl'. You know what would be even cooler than a honey harvester though? A BARBEQUE SAUCE HARVESTER. My God, I would just load my mouth up with nuggets and stand directly under the tap. What kind of animals produce BBQ sauce anyways? "You are so dumb." What? I've never been to a farm before.

Keep going for a schematic explaining how the system works, and a video.


Thanks to Michelle, who collects honey the old fashioned way: asking for a couple more of those little packets whenever she's at McDonalds.

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